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"From Best Hopes to Platform!"

Platform Building

Jan 10, 2021

A Global Chapter Meeting with Jenny Clarke

Introduced by Stanus Cloete

In this SFiO Global Chapter Meeting, Jenny Clarke talks about From Best Hopes to Platform. As the title suggests, she addresses the jargon that we, as SF practitioners use. Different practitioners may use different questions to formulate the Platform. The thought-provoking question is, “What do we want to accomplish with the questions we ask?”

To illustrate this, in her talk, Jenny focuses on the start of a conversation as a distinct chunk. She asks of the first question we might use: • What is the purpose of the question? • What does it do?

She also illustrates her reason for choosing Platform Building rather than the Best Hopes question in working with groups. As an exercise, she explains that a client sent her an invitation to “do some SF training for two days” for a small team. To the participants of the chapter meeting, she poses the question. “What would you do?” • About the CEO’s invitation? • Before the event? • When starting?

This video provides you with a highly stimulating talk on how to start an SF conversation in an organisation.

Jenny Clarke
Jenny Clarke
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Jenny Clarke is the co-Director of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work (sfwork). Following a long career in the energy industry she has spent the last 15 years as an independent facilitator and coach. She works with large organisations, groups and individuals adapting to change and as a personal coach to managers and directors. She loves travelling and has worked in both hemispheres and east and west of the Greenwich Meridian.

Stanus Cloete
Stanus Cloete
SFiO Reviewed practitioner
InterAction Contributor

Stanus Cloete has 30 years of life coaching experience and started doing business coaching in November 2008 when he established Agosolf Coaching. He studied with SF Work in the UK during 2009 and obtained his SFPro Certificate with Mark McKergow and Jenny Clark of SF Work. He is a member of SOLWorld as well as COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).