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A conversation with Nic Vidot, former school Principal

Jan 10, 2021

Nic Vidot

Introduced by Carey Glass

Nic Vidot is a humble leader and a great story-teller. From his belief in continuous improvement, he describes stories of using SF to make life even better in the secondary school he led.

SF became just way the school did things, and they used it in many situations, e.g.:

  • Working with 100 student leaders, whom Nic met twice in each school term
  • Asking questions in assembly
  • Changing how teachers and students interacted in the school grounds
  • When working with the parents of pupils or enacting change with the school’s leadership team

In this audio, Nic verbalises his belief in Solution Focus as a leadership tool.

Nic Vidot
Nic Vidot
InterAction Contributor

Nic Vidot is a recently retired, experienced secondary school principal. He has had a successful career spanning fifty years in schools and senior system positions including New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Thailand. He has a passion for nurturing future leaders, using coaching and mentoring to give them a voice. Solution Focused Coaching has been integral to his leadership practice.

Carey Glass
Carey Glass
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
SFIO Contributor

Carey Glass is a Management Consultant and Organisational Psychologist. Her business “Change With Ease” reflects the miracle that happens when organisation move away from problem-focused approaches. She has brought SF to all areas of corporate and public sector life in the UK, from strategy, to performance management, to occupational health and safety, to culture, coaching and complexity helping create far-reaching change with ease. She has published case studies describing the transformation that SF brings to organisational outcomes and is excited to now be bringing the benefits of SF to Australian organisations.