SFiO is an international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.

This website accompanies you in your discovery of SF by offering you an overview of SF events worldwide, access to the SF Clues, to the Online InterAction journal, and much more.  Enjoy staying curious.

Solution Focus Calendar 2020


What SF events are happening this year around the globe?

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Overview Events 2020

SFiO Chapter KL

January 17th, 2020: SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur.

How does the Next Generation of Leadership Coaching look like in 2020?

This event is launching the New SFiO Chapter in Kuala Lumpur!

Venue: Triune Centre @ KL Eco City, Menara 2, B01-A-09,Time: 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm.



SFiO Global Meetup – User Guide to the Future

How can I use the “User’s guide to the future” as a coaching tool?

The “User`s guide to the future” is a powerful model developed by Mark McKergow for sf working with the future. In the online meeting we will explain the model and demonstrate in a live coaching how clients find signs of progress facing challenging and complex projects.

Having an idea of the first tiny signs of progress can be particularly useful in cases where the next steps are not obvious or seem uncertain. After the session, SF practitioners will be able to work with the model in coaching or team coaching situations. They can support clients in stuck and tough situations by focussing strongly on signs of progress. Leaders will have some fresh ideas how to plan and steer complex projects in an sf (and very agile) way – together with their team. In a stance of Host Leadership they will be able to better accept uncertainty. One participant will have the chance to be supported in a challenging situation by a coach and find tiny signs of progress to take home with.


SF Trainers Conference

Registration for the SF trainers’ conference is now open:

This is a very simple Open Space conference and is only for people who currently train others in Solution Focused Practice or for those who have trained others in Solution Focused Practice, including organisational work.

The venue is Hoffmanns Höfe in Frankfurt, an integrative hotel right in the middle of town. It is 12 minutes from Frankfurt railway station and 20 minutes by bus from Frankfurt international airport. 30 hotel rooms are reserved.

Frankfurt can get busy, so let them know you want a hotel room as soon as you register for the conference: info@hoffmanns-hoefe.de

Click here for more information. This is not an SFiO or SOL event but may be of interest to our contributors.

Building Bridges for Change

This event is a profound gift to yourself and your organisation: an invitation to make change easier and build bridges for change. 

We look very much forward to seeing you at this training week with us!




SF Summer Retreat in the UK 2020




“The SFiO Community”

Your wish to contribute in other ways:

If you wish to contribute in other ways to SFiO, please see the list of suggestions here below and contact us with your ideas on how you would like to support the growth an quality of Solution Focus in Organisations this year: Run a Chapter session: You are interested...

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