The InterAction Collection

"Three beautiful SF conversations"

With live jazz!

Feb 3, 2021

Alex Steele

Introduced by Carey Glass

In life, we come across ‘unplayable pianos’. This is the real situation that jazz pianist Keith Jarrett faced when he played at a Koln concert hall packed with fans, using a piano with defective notes and pedals. There, in a live recording, he produced one of the most famous jazz albums of all time, The Koln Concert.

In this video, Alex on the piano and Dom on the saxophone take us through an entrancing journey. A journey where you can truly stretch your SF beliefs as never before, as they work with what is there and fully accept the offerings of others to move forward.

This performance is a ‘left field’ experience that will send you to listen to the beauty that Keith Jarrett created from the belief that there is no such thing as a wrong note.

Alex Steele
Alex Steele
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Alex works with leading international business schools and organisations throughout the world, and he is well known for his work which blends leading-edge practices in leadership, organisational change and innovation, with the art of improvisation.

Carey Glass
Carey Glass
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
SFIO Contributor

Carey Glass is a Management Consultant and Organisational Psychologist. Her business “Change With Ease” reflects the miracle that happens when organisation move away from problem-focused approaches. She has brought SF to all areas of corporate and public sector life in the UK, from strategy, to performance management, to occupational health and safety, to culture, coaching and complexity helping create far-reaching change with ease. She has published case studies describing the transformation that SF brings to organisational outcomes and is excited to now be bringing the benefits of SF to Australian organisations.