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Welcome to the 2021 Edition

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau Staying Connected As much as we all long for more human contact, life is letting us wait a little longer. It is a wonderful time to open our heart to all the possibilities ahead, to connect in the moment and see what emerges. In this year’s 2021 edition, we will continue to enrich the InterAction Collection by publishing two to three innovative SF features in print, audio and video format, every month.

Scaling Solution Focus

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau 2019 has been a pleasing year for SFiO, with, amongst other initiatives, opportunities to capture the knowledge of our contributors in nine Global Chapters meetings and our first ‘Unconference’ on SF in Large Scale Change in December. We took the opportunity with this eleventh edition of InterAction to capture some of the output from the Unconference, with pieces by Wendy Van den Bulck, Susanne Burgstaller, Paul Z Jackson, Roy Marriott and Marika Tammeaid.

Noticing Where SF Can Be Found

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau It is in the nature of SF that it can be found everywhere. Yet it is not shapeless. We can grasp hold of it, know it when we see it, and make what is working grow. This edition demonstrates some very unique ways of noticing where SF can be found and where noticing takes us. We start with a bolt out of the blue from Wendy van den Buick who, working with horses, has come to observe that for horses, SF is a way of life.

Welcome from the 2020 Edition

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau The continuing development of InterAction SFiO and SFCT before us, have produced InterAction uninterrupted, from print to online, since 2008. Twelve years' worth of high-quality Solution Focus organisational content in one place is a valuable contribution to the Solution Focus community. It is a global collaborative effort and to be part of this is exciting for us. Enabled by our new website design, we start the next transformation with this edition, towards The InterAction Collection of Solution Focus Practice in Organisations.

Sharing Stories of SOLWorld Success

John Brooker, Carey Glass and Annie Bordeleau Welcome to this special edition featuring the SOLWorld 2019 Conference! This year, we met in Budapest from the 23-24 May to explore “Signs of Progress”. It was a beautiful setting for the international SF community to reconnect, share ideas, talk about developments and work on common projects. SFiO collaborated closely with the SOLworld organisation team to record workshops and SOLTalks and to conduct interviews to share here in this edition of InterAction.

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