"Focus on the 80%"

Tara Gretton Introduced by Anna-Julia Szabo In this interview, we see how the Solution Focus approach has changed the culture of a school. There is a focus on enabling students and staff to have meaningful conversations, concentrating on possibilities and solutions and what is already working. Tara Gretton introduced the Solution Focus approach in this school and met staff and students were very welcoming, full of energy and had a hunger for new possibilities for useful change.

"Make Life Simple"

Andrew Gibson Reviewed by Wendy Van den Bulck Just as the whole world is overwhelmed by complexity, here’s Andrew’s latest book, ‘Make Life Simple’. I’d say, brilliant timing… I met Andrew on two occasions; the SOL World Conference in Frankfurt in 2017 and the SFiO Unconference ‘SF use in Large Scale Contexts’ in 2019, long before he wrote this book. Having read his book, I realise now that in our conversations at these events, Andrew did a lot of what he describes.

"Three beautiful SF conversations"

Alex Steele Introduced by Carey Glass In life, we come across ‘unplayable pianos’. This is the real situation that jazz pianist Keith Jarrett faced when he played at a Koln concert hall packed with fans, using a piano with defective notes and pedals. There, in a live recording, he produced one of the most famous jazz albums of all time, The Koln Concert. In this video, Alex on the piano and Dom on saxophone take us through an entrancing journey.

"From Best Hopes to Platform!"

A Global Chapter Meeting with Jenny Clarke Introduced by Stanus Cloete In this SFiO Global Chapter Meeting, Jenny Clarke talks about From Best Hopes to Platform. As the title suggests, she addresses the jargon that we, as SF practitioners use. Different practitioners may use different questions to formulate the Platform. The thought-provoking question is, “What do we want to accomplish with the questions we ask?” To illustrate this, in her talk, Jenny focuses on the start of a conversation as a distinct chunk.

How to change everything by changing as little as possible

A new approach to change is gathering momentum fast in the business and organisational world? Solutions Focus (SF) comes originally from the world of mental health and psychological change, where it is transforming our understanding of people and how they work. It’s also making inroads in business all over the world – global names including Nationwide Building Society (UK) , Royal Bank of Canada, Lufthansa (Germany) and Canon (Japan) are benefiting right now.

Book Review : Solution Focused Practice

A Review of: Solution Focused Practice by Guy Shennan

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Carey Glass

Using SF to Create Whole System Change in Social Care The Client wished to implement the Government’s vision of putting clients with social care needs in control of services to maintain their independence and build capacity in the community to meet low level needs.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Jeff Matthews

This submission explains an eight month long programme for The Consultancy, a part of Gwynedd Council responsible for a range of building and engineering contracts and services for the Authority and for other clients in North Wales. The events included all of the management team of 35.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Jenny Clarke

Coaching Skills for Leaders – encouraging coaching as part of the Leader’s skill set Part of a coaching development programme for senior leaders in part of the publicly-owned National Health Service. The programme lasts for 6 months or so and aims to develop a coaching leadership style.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: John Brooker

Resolving a Difficult Challenge With SF: This work involved a two day forum for a charity. The charity were given the opportunity to run a forum to to enrich the debate on the topic of the Intellectual Property (IP) of indigenous peoples with a particular focus on their free, prior and informed consent to the exploitation of their natural and cultural heritage.