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Our Purpose

The Association for Solution Focus in Organisations (ASFIO) is an international  membership association with a legal status of a company limited by guarantee in the UK. The Company’s legal name is the “ASSOCIATION FOR SOLUTION FOCUS IN ORGANISATIONS LIMITED”.

The purpose of ASFIO is to:-

(a) Promote, build and develop applications of the Solution Focused (SF) approach in organisations;

(b) Promote research into SF practice and theory in organisations and elsewhere;

(c) Support SF organisations and practitioners in organisations striving to develop and improve the quality of their work;

(d) Give confidence to clients of ASFIO Members that the work will be done in the best tradition of SF practice;

(e) Publish journal(s), web publications, books, videos, etc. on the SF approach in organisations;

(f) Certify organisational practitioners and develop training specifications and guidelines;

(g) Support local chapters of SF organisational practitioners;

(h) Organise and support conferences and webinars on the SF approach in organisations; and

(i) Do anything which may be incidental or conducive to these objects.