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The InterAction Collection

In 2020, we rebranded the “InterAction Journal” as, “The InterAction Collection” and created a new format. We now publish two to three new features (articles, videos and audios) every month leading to a fresh volume every year.

This is a collection of the best Solution Focus case studies and applications from practitioners of in a variety of organisations across the globe.


You may wonder why our online journals begin at Volume 9. There is a reason. The Association for the Quality Development of Solution Focus Consulting and Training (SFCT) published a printed, high quality, academic journal called, “InterAction – the Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations”.

SFCT published this in 16 editions, eight volumes, over an 8 year period, a tremendous feat on behalf of the main editors, Kirsten Dierolf, Carey Glass, Mark McKergow and Anton Stellamans, and the editorial advisory board. With the closure of SFCT in November 2016, the printed publication ceased; however, thanks to the kind efforts of Mark McKergow, you can find Volumes 1 – 8 here at the InterAction page of his website.

The InterAction Collection is less academic, yet allows for more variety in the type of content and people in organisations can find it more easily through online access. Pieces are reviewed by peers to ensure quality. If you seek a more academic body of Solution Focus work from all fields, including therapy, counselling and coaching, you can find it in the Journal of Solution Focus Practice.