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Case Study

Feb 3, 2022

Alan Kay and John Brooker

Introduction by John Brooker

In this case study video interview, Alan Kay, a highly experienced user of Solution Focus (SF) with the Glasgow Group, Toronto, Canada, discusses how he used SF as a Stakeholder Consultation tool on behalf of the Canada Media Fund. The client wished to consult with stakeholders on a draft government funding policy and ran 18 sessions with between 20 – 200 people at each event across Canada.

Alan explains how his use of SF created fruitful discussion amongst stakeholders with competing and conflicting agendas – a scenario which the client admits could have been a recipe for disaster.

Leaders in organisations will see and hear how they can design and run such sessions and practitioners will find a wealth of useful tools and tips to run consultation sessions.

Alan originally ran a two-hour SFIO Global Online Chapter webinar with 20+ people in May 2017. It was so well received, we decided to run it as a one on one interview with John Brooker in a 30-minute session. For your convenience, we have also inserted a PDF of the slides Alan used and you can download these directly from the screen.

Global chapter webinars are open to anyone. They can be very popular and so we advertise them to SFIO contributors first and then open them up to others. If you would like to become an SFIO contributor, you can find out details and costs here: How To Join ASFIO

About the Speaker

Alan Kay is a Solutions Focused change solutions consultant supporting clients in areas such as strategic planning, brand and customer experience implementation, stakeholder consultation and client-supplier alignment. He is based in Canada.

As a former senior executive in the advertising and marketing communications industry, Alan was Managing Director of the high profile Toronto advertising agency, Harrod & Mirlin, and before that he held a variety of client management roles at McCann Erickson in Canada and the US serving a broad range of multi-national and domestic clients.

Alan’s work is widely influenced by the theory and application of Solutions Focus to encourage attitudinal and behavioural change within an organization, and to help corporate and individual clients become more strategically focused.

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Alan Kay
Alan Kay
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Alan Kay learned solution focus from SFBT family therapy trainers. He saw immediate success with business clients by simply translating SF into the client’s language. He offers his clients solutions in strategic and operational planning, customer experience implementation and, more recently SF training and management development. His many clients range from large banks, to educators, to film festival organizers. His work is based on the entire continuum of the engagement; that the change the client wants starts happening right away; be most pronounced in the main activity and sustain afterwards via follow-through.

John Brooker
John Brooker
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

John has over thirty years experience of leading people to collaborate effectively. He gained his leadership experience as a Senior Vice President in Visa International, working on international projects. Since 2004 he has used his leadership and Solution Focus expertise to enable people in multinational and national organisations to collaborate effectively. He is Co-President of Solution Focus in Organisations, an SFiO Reviewed Practitioner and has an MBA from The Open University in the UK.