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Leading in the very Moment

Annie Bordeleau Introduced by Carey Glass The paradigm of leadership is shifting. We begin to understand better how to lead in complexity rather than force linearity. What does it mean to sense and adapt to change rather than drive change? Here, Annie Bordeleau shares three Solution Focus listening experiments to train that difference. Annie has the capacity to stop you in your tracks. Charismatic, gentle, personable, and thoughtful, she projects magnificently on screen.

Clarifying Complexity With Cynefin

Chris Corrigan, Klaus Schenck Introduced by Klaus Schenck Left unattended, order decays by itself (states the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). On the other hand, in nature and organisations, life reverses that decay, creates “order from noise”, and “surfs on the edge of chaos”. The “Cynefin” framework, which Chris Corrigan introduces in this webinar, adds three more options or “domains”, beyond order and chaos, to its map of the world.

Coaching A-Z

Haesun Moon & Annette Gray& Julia Mines SFiO - Solution Focus in Organisations · Haesun Moon on Coaching A - Z SFiO Chapter with the Author Introduced by Julia Mines My copy of Haesun Moon’s new book is waterlogged (from soaks in the tub); scribbled in (with notes, stars, and exclamation points); and now, it also has dog-eared pages (the ones I’d like to come back to soon).

"The Masterclass"

A welcome sign on an easel in the entryway near the door reads, Welcome to Masterclass, with Class of Masters below that in smaller print

Stakeholder Consultation Tools

Alan Kay and John Brooker Introduction by John Brooker In this case study video interview, Alan Kay, a highly experienced user of Solution Focus (SF) with the Glasgow Group, Toronto, Canada, discusses how he used SF as a Stakeholder Consultation tool on behalf of the Canada Media Fund. The client wished to consult with stakeholders on a draft government funding policy and ran 18 sessions with between 20 – 200 people at each event across Canada.

"SF language in organisations"

Alan Kay, Cristina Mühl Introduced by John Brooker This Global Chapter meetup, led ably by Cristine Mühl, provides several benefits for change facilitators: Cristine introduced participants to Miro, an online whiteboard programme. The attendees had a stimulating, ad hoc discussion on the difference between complex and complicated problems. Alan Kay shared his long experience of developing and using the ‘kitchen table’ approach to increasing knowledge in a group.

SOLWORLD Conference 2021 - Now Online

On 13 September, 2021, Chris Corrigan will host our SFiO Global Chapter Meeting and explore how the Cynefin framework can help you understand complexity and tackle complex problems.

Reviewed Piece of SF work: Alan Kay

Strategic planning the Solution Focus way for a Children’s Aid Society: How to build on the clients existing planning strategic skills and create greater alignment with customers and community stakeholders