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John Brooker

John Brooker

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

Yes! And

John Brooker has over thirty years experience of collaborating, facilitating collaboration and training people to become better collaborators and leaders.

He joined Visa International as an ATM technician in 1985, becoming a Senior Vice President in 1996. John collaborated with banks and colleagues internationally to develop Visa’s ATM network in EMEA, conceive and run a Visa education business for banks in EMEA, pioneer payments on the Internet and consolidate technical support in to a single call centre, for the banks in the EU region.

As well as this experience, for twenty years he has run Yes! And, working internationally, with people in multi national and national organisations, to enable collaboration.

He is an expert in the use of Solution Focus in organisations, having used it since 2004. He uses his own Solution Focus Collaboration framework to facilitate collaboration. He is Co-President of Solution Focus in Organisations, a global network. He has an MBA from The Open University and for 14 years was a tutor on the Open University Creativity, Innovation and Change MBA programme and developed his own Inn8 innovation framework during this time. He is author of ‘Jump Now’ on SF collaboration and ‘Innovate to Learn, Don’t Learn to Innovate’ both available on Amazon.

Reviewed piece of work:

Resolving a Difficult Challenge With SF

This work involved a two day forum for a charity. The charity were given the opportunity to run a forum to to enrich the debate on the topic of the Intellectual Property (IP) of indigenous peoples with a particular focus on their free, prior and informed consent to the exploitation of their natural and cultural heritage. The client wanted “to ensure that it is different to conventional symposia, that it is a closed and informal environment, that it encourages dialogue, builds relationships and has maximum benefit.”

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