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Alan Kay

Alan Kay

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

The Glasgow Group

Alan Kay learned solution focus from SFBT family therapy trainers. He saw immediate success with business clients by simply translating SF into the client’s language. He offers his clients solutions in strategic and operational planning, customer experience implementation and, more recently SF training and management development. His many clients range from large banks, to educators, to film festival organizers. His work is based on the entire continuum of the engagement; that the change the client wants starts happening right away; be most pronounced in the main activity and sustain afterwards via follow-through.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Strategic planning the Solution Focus way for a Children’s Aid Society: How to build on the clients existing planning strategic skills and create greater alignment with customers and community stakeholders

The client (KHCAS) operates in the complex environment of children’s welfare where many complications occur in multifaceted interactions. Changing government legislation and pressure on funding, plus interaction with care providers such as healthcare, and police compound the complexity of ensuring the welfare of children is addressed efficiently and effectively. KHCAS’s goal is to protect children and ultimately keep them within their natural families.

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