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Annette Gray

Annette Gray

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Annette Gray Consulting

I bring over 25 years’ experience as a facilitator, consultant, leadership coach and speaker, developing leaders at all levels to use a coaching approach in all their conversations. I am passionate about coaching and applying Solution Focus approaches in everyday interactions with experience in many industry sectors, including – Construction, Education, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Government. I have been in learning and development and organisational development roles in the finance sector where I led successful culture wide programs for major firms. I have also worked in a consulting capacity for the last 16 years with a global Coaching Training organisation.

I enjoy getting better at my coaching (even after 25 years) and have been described as a masterful and insightful coach and facilitator. My passion is Solution Focus (an agile way of working but so much more), and I use Strength based and Positive Psychology approaches to help clients find the direct route to change and achieve results fast.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Creating one team that respects one another and enjoys coming to work — Business unit culture change at professional services firm

Annette Gray from Growth Coaching International was asked to help a management team in a professional services firm in Sydney Australia during 2011 change their culture by becoming more respectful of their colleagues and a happier place to work. The management team of 12 professional high achievers made up this team. They were very capable in their own right, however the team was behaving in a “dysfunctional and competitive way” as described by its leader.

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