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Jeff Matthews

Jeff Matthews

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

The Madison Group

Jeff Matthews is a coach and facilitator with his own consultancy company, The Madison Group. He has been practising as a coach for nearly 20 years across a very wide range of UK and European organisations and sectors from banks to retail, from local authorities to health and charities. He styles himself as a “tax deductible excuse for a great conversation”. His particular interests at the moment, are applying SF to the challenging world of performance coaching and appraisals and also in developing an integrated model of coaching.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Engaging and Improving morale of 130 staff

This submission explains an eight month long programme for The Consultancy, a part of Gwynedd Council responsible for a range of building and engineering contracts and services for the Authority and for other clients in North Wales. The events included all of the management team of 35.

I was asked to address the very real concerns of the management team in the engagement and improving of morale of the 130 staff. Emerging from a staff focus group were issues around future direction, quality of performance management, a perceived lack of developmental or supportive conversations with management and concerns over poor performance not being addressed. Organisationally, it was estimated that less than 10% of the appraisals were being done effectively in this part of the organisation. There was no culture of regular supportive feedback, only when things went wrong.

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