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Transformational Leadership Programmes - Shaping the future in the very moment

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About this event

Leading in the agile world means letting go - of the illusion of control, of forms of hierarchy, of outdated ways of relating.

If agile transformations are to work for whole organisations, leaders need to develop in fundamentally different directions. In agile organisations, leadership emanates from many corners. Lots of people are offering leadership in different ways. Leaders are often having a hard time with this development. Why?

  • They need to understand a role that is different to what they are used to.

  • They need to deal with the anxiety that emergent or generative change causes.

  • They need to be comfortable with “not knowing” and facilitating learning processes instead.

  • They need to foster hope and trust more than fear or concern.

In any transformation, coaches need to pay attention to leaders and help them let go of the old stories of what leadership is.

Annie Bordeleau and Monica Martin are experts at preparing leaders for generative change. They will share with us insights and methods employed in their leadership development programmes. Whether you are a leader yourself or a coach or trainer supporting leaders, this workshop will inspire you!

Here is what Annie and Monica are offering:

The organisations we work with are increasingly interested in moving towards a more ‘eco-centric’ approach to leadership rather than an ‘ego-centric’ one.

When designing leadership development journeys (with SF practices in their core) a key question we address is:

How can we invite leaders and their teams to approach their work with more curiosity, presence, and productive sustainability rather than feeling valued for their more heroic tendencies, such as knowing better, acting fast, and saving the day?

In this short workshop, we are thrilled to share how Solution Focus can contribute to leaders embracing the power of ‘noticing’ change rather than ‘driving’ change. We will explore how to lead from a place of inner strength and presence to shape futures in the very moment.

Susanne Burgstaller
Susanne Burgstaller
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

I have been leading and coaching organisations for more than 30 years. Adopting the Solution Focused approach to my work has been transformative, amplifying my impact and work satisfaction way beyond what I thought was possible.

Annie Bordeleau
Annie Bordeleau
Board Member
Editor of InterAction
SFiO Contributor

Annie Bordeleau is founder of the I2A Network, collaborating with international organisations and universities for over 20 years. She discovered SF in 2005 and it has fundamentally transformed the way she supports leaders in organisations across all cultures to lead through change with more ease and effectiveness.