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The elegant art of noticing

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About this event

“An unrecognised difference (since it goes unnoticed) will not receive the amplification needed and will remain a difference that does not make a difference. A simple difference, often just some doubt, can be enough to begin changing a lifelong pattern or way of thinking.” (de Shazer, 1986).

A key skill for a host leader is noticing within ourselves, noticing others, and noticing of relationships … and the act of noticing itself can be enough to change several maps.

“The map is not the territory, and the name is not the thing named.” (Gregory Bateson, based on Alfred Korzybski)

In my view, the most important asset of being a host leader is noticing bits and pieces of the great stuff that people do and being genuinely curious about it. In this session, you will learn to train your ‘noticing muscle’ to become even more skilful and resourceful in it. We’ll have dialogues, share stories, and explore a world of possibilities … just by noticing.

Wim first presented this session at SOLWorld Vienna. The SFiO InterAction editors received so many positive reviews about this session we asked Wim to repeat it online.

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Wim Sucaet
Wim Sucaet
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

Wim Sucaet is a passionate SF practitioner who is eager to make complex situations as simple as possible. He believes that reducing things to its essence helps to get the most out of it. Wim has been practicing SF since 2009; as a father, friend, partner, social worker, coordinator of a pupil guidance center, therapist, individual coach and team and network coach. His main goal is to make SF a way of life in such a way that people forget it is SF.