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How a hospital in Singapore has embraced SF to improve patient experience

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About this event

The work in a large public hospital has always been fast paced, stressful and demanding. Leading change has always been challenging and many people see that change is only possible from Top Down. But what if change is possible from the bottom up as well? What if change is possible where you are, with what you have?

Listen to how JurongHealth Campus has used SF to solve challenges at work and create better patient experiences and safety.

In this session you will hear how to:

  1. Lead organisational change and obtain buy in from senior leaders.
  2. Help employees to lead change from bottom-up
  3. Help senior leaders recognise the demonstrable results of SF.
Kenneth Kwan
Kenneth Kwan
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Kenneth Kwan is an internationally renowned Author, Global Leadership and Motivational Speaker, recognized for his exceptional ability to inspire and empower audiences around the globe. With a remarkable track record of speaking to leaders from 40 countries, he has ignited conversations that have led to remarkable possibilities and sustainable change.