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Annie Bordeleau

Annie Bordeleau

Board Member
Editor of InterAction
SFiO Contributor

I2A Network

With over 25 years working as a facilitator, trainer and coach in both global companies and in academia, I strive to better understand and master the art of leading useful and mindful interactions. In recent years I have devoted most of my time in designing and facilitating 6-12 month leadership programmes.

Unlike Obelix, I have not fallen into the Druid’s cauldron at a young age. I had to learn and experiment with SF, one assumption at a time. Discovering this approach in 2005 has fundamentally transformed the way I work with my clients and I trust that SFiO can support leaders and organisations across all cultures to lead change more effectively.

I established and run our SFiO LinkedIn pages and website, contibute to editing InterAction and hosting events.