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"SF24 - SF in Sports with Morgan Lewis"

Gathering clues for confidence

Jul 28, 2021

Morgan Lewis

Introduced by Annie Bordeleau

In this talk, Morgan Lewis shares his SF journey to support young athletes in finding their confidence and connecting to their excellence.

Using solution focus questions when coaching the athletes, he engages in a quest to gather evidence of competence, to nurture their self-confidence and self-belief.

Watching this video prompted me to think more deeply about how I engage with my team. How do we look back at what went well to build our confidence as individuals and as a team? What do we envision in our dream game? How do we notice, in the moment, when we are playing the heightened game?

Confidence helps to focus, builds momentum and inspires people to grow. To bring out the best in his athletes, Morgan highlights that by asking SF questions and delving into the details of the game, athletes hear themselves playing at their best.

Morgan is a wonderful example of a Solution Focus practitioner who truly believes that the action is in the interaction.

Books mentioned in the video / audio: • Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed • The Chimp Paradox (The Mind Management Programme) - Dr Steve Peters

Morgan Lewis
Morgan Lewis
InterAction Contributor

Morgan Lewis is a Sports Coach who uses SF in grassroots sport and with one professional football club. He also uses SF as a telephone volunteer with a Liverpool-based mental health service.

Annie Bordeleau
Annie Bordeleau
Board Member
Editor of InterAction
SFiO Contributor

Annie Bordeleau is founder of the I2A Network, collaborating with international organisations and universities for over 20 years. She discovered SF in 2005 and it has fundamentally transformed the way she supports leaders in organisations across all cultures to lead through change with more ease and effectiveness.