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How SF impacts perception

ronald-warnecke & Annie Bordeleau Foreword by Annie Bordeleau Many colleagues in Ronald’s work environment describe him as someone who is staying ahead of the game, fully dedicated to finding new and effective ways of supporting individuals and teams in their development. We had crossed paths many times, promising to meet up soon to exchange ideas on workshop design and Solution Focus. It is only recently that we finally grabbed a coffee and a meeting room to start exploring with this interview.

The “Users Guide to the Future” as a Coaching Tool

Mark McKergow and Peter Röhrig Le “Guide du routard vers le futur” un outil de coaching (French translation by Mathieu) Article Model In their book “Host – Six New Roles of Engagement” (2014, pp.45 – 59) Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey present the following model which illuminates the responsiveness of hosting and helps Host Leaders (and indeed SF workers) think about where to put their focus; how to connect long-term hopes and objectives with short-term action.

Using SF in Deutsche Bahn Systel's organisational transformation

An Interview with Frank Gollas Introduced by Annie Bordeleau Many Agile practitioners have adopted the Solution-Focused approach to lead constructive conversations with their teams, invite self-reflection, develop the future vision and plan actionable next steps. Frank Gollas and his colleagues have taken this relationship to the next level, however. In this short interview, Frank describes how SF is weaved into a large transformative project in a company of 4000 employees, which is slowly building 300 self-authored teams.

Solution Focus Provides Outstanding Gardening Skills

Tara Gretton Introduced by Tara Gretton This interview is such an open, honest, and inspiring account of using Solution Focus (SF) across a large vocational college of 1200 students, aged 15-60. In this interview with Orsi Szabo, Judith Mahlmann, the school Principal, shares the story of how they attended Katalin Hankovsky’s seven-day workshop ‘Learn Coaching for Vocation Colleges’, in the first year as Principal at Inge Katz school in Bremen, Germany.

Clarifying Complexity With Cynefin

Chris Corrigan, Klaus Schenck Introduced by Klaus Schenck Left unattended, order decays by itself (states the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). On the other hand, in nature and organisations, life reverses that decay, creates “order from noise”, and “surfs on the edge of chaos”. The “Cynefin” framework, which Chris Corrigan introduces in this webinar, adds three more options or “domains”, beyond order and chaos, to its map of the world.

Solution Focus Flows Through Bottlenecks

Klaus Schenck Introduced by Annie Bordeleau When I discovered Klaus Schenck’s work in 2013, he was already fascinated with metaphors and how they ubiquitously spice up our language and colour our stories. In this presentation, Klaus chose the metaphor of ‘Bottlenecks’ to explore the sustainable flow of solutions. He highlights how heightened awareness of constraints and changing circumstances can propel us into our creativity. With ease and utter curiosity, he skillfully walks the fine line between problem and solution talk, balancing risk and opportunity.

Solution Focused Design Thinking

Stephanie Hammer Introduced by Trevor Durnford Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and AstraZeneca, have rapidly adopted the Design Thinking approach. Staff in leading universities worldwide, including Stanford, Harvard, and MIT are teaching Design Thinking. So there is no doubt that this approach is gaining real traction in organisations. In this video, Stephanie Hammer introduces the fundamentals of design thinking to SF practitioners around the world.

German Chapter Meeting - Searching & Learning

Am 4. November von 15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr geht es im Workshop „Searching & Learning“ mit Bärbel Hess um Suchbewegungen in der Begleitung von Organisationsentwicklungsprojekten. Weitere Informationen und verbindliche Anmeldung:

SOL DACH 2022 - Fit im Lösungsfokus

Die SOLWorldDACH 2022 findet als Freiburger Impulstage vom 12.-14. Mai 2022 in Freiburg im Breisgau statt.

German Chapter Meeting - Kollegialer Beratung

Am 11. März werden wir von 15:00 bis 18:00 Uhr verschiedene Formate kollegialer Beratung erproben und reflektieren