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Global Chapter - The Brain and the Impact of Solution Focus Questions

March 29, 2022:  GLOBAL CHAPTER.

About this event

With Dr Rachel Gillibrand, Dr. Adam Froerer and Mia Lunde.

This international team of researchers uses EEG technology to study what happens within an individual’s brain during solution-focused therapy sessions. They are looking at the impact SF questions have on individuals and how they process these questions intellectually. Although this is very new research, they are starting to see some valuable patterns of brain activity in response to certain questions. How might this help SF practitioners working in different fields of SF, including organisational work?

About the presenters

Dr Rachel Gillibrand is the Director of the Centre for Solution Focused Research. Her research focuses on what EEG can tell us about what happens in the brain during solution-focused therapies. Rachel lives in Somerset, UK.

Dr Adam Froerer is the Director of Research and Training for The Solution Focused Universe. His research has focused on understanding what happens (the process) and what change looks like during SF conversations. Adam lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Mia Lunde is Senior Social Consultant at Move1. Mia delivers and develops solution-focused intensive family support work in high-risk families, families on the verge of the care system. Alongside that, she has co-developed and teaches a diploma course in SFBT family support work and a variety of SFBT courses related to working with children and young people at risk. Mia lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr. Adam S. Froerer
Dr. Adam S. Froerer
InterAction Contributor

Adam is Senior Researcher at the Center for Solution Focus Research and has published several process and outcome studies related to solution focused brief therapy. Adam has clinical, academic, and research background that has culminated in being appointed the Director of Research and Training for the Solution Focused University and a Senior Researcher for the Center of Solution Focused Research.