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Can Questions Lead To Change - An Analogue Experiment

Sara Healing, Annie Bordeleau & Janet Bavelas Review by Annie Bordeleau Questions are so deeply engrained in our daily communication that it’s easy to underestimate the impact they have. How can we lead better by asking better questions? This article raises our awareness of the effect questions can have and sheds light on how we can sharpen this powerful tool we use every day. A fundamental assumption of the Solution Focused approach is that change can be influenced and co-created as an interaction unfolds.

Working with executives

Haesun Moon and kendra-reddy A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SESSION Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our executives have intrigued brilliant conversations as they are often on a quest to “make” positive differences in their life for themselves and others. We respond to many of the quests with a simple navigator called Dialogic Orientation Quadrant (DOQ) and you will be able to apply the tool immediately in your next dialogue. Video of the session

Global Chapter - The Brain and the Impact of Solution Focus Questions

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022 at 17:00 CET. Join to discover what happens in the brain when we ask a solution-focused question? and how might this knowledge influence organisations?

Mistä tekemisestä saat energiaa ja hyvää tuulta?

21 #ratkes vinkkiä #koronan keskelle - Tästä se lähtee Kiitos Lari Karreinen Heli Reinivuo & muut Solution Focus in Organisations (SFiO) Suomi Finland kollegat ihanasta ideasta ja sen nopeasta käytäntöön viemisestä❣️ Vaihtoehto jaksaa, jaksaa -puheelle It has been a tiring corona year for many and the crises continues. In order to provide a SF alternative to the present public discussion of ‘hang on and hold out’ tone, we publish in four social media chanels one SF question a day.

Co-creation Experiment – How can Solution Focus shape self-organisation?

What happens if you bring together different people interested in SF or self-organisation or both? Let's find out!