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Mistä tekemisestä saat energiaa ja hyvää tuulta?

21 #ratkes vinkkiä #koronan keskelle - Tästä se lähtee Kiitos Lari Karreinen Heli Reinivuo & muut Solution Focus in Organisations (SFiO) Suomi Finland kollegat ihanasta ideasta ja sen nopeasta käytäntöön viemisestä❣️ Vaihtoehto jaksaa, jaksaa -puheelle

It has been a tiring corona year for many and the crises continues. In order to provide a SF alternative to the present public discussion of ‘hang on and hold out’ tone, we publish in four social media chanels one SF question a day. The responce has already now very been welcoming and people have started answering the questions in social media threats🤗 This great idea came from Lari Karreinen we gathered the questions from Sfio-members and Lari & Heli Reinivuo coposed the to nice coloured posts with pictures ready to use in different channels. So, warm recommendation if you feel to do something alike in your countries. We will continue for four weeks all together.

Lari Karreinen
Lari Karreinen
SFiO Chapter Head
SFiO Reviewed Practitionerr
SFiO Contributor

Lari Karreinen works as an independent consultant at Karreinen.org to help people to good participation, meaningful discussions and finding the solutions they need. For this he uses solution focused coaching and facilitation.

He’s especially interested in leadership development in situations with low hierarchy and informal leadership, such as networks and volunteer leadership. The clients are leaders and teams who believe in participatory leadership and continuous learning.