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Klaus Schenck

Klaus Schenck

InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Klaus Schenck, Ph.D., became interested in models of “system dynamics” in 1976, became a “systemic consultant” in 1997, is an active contributor to the SF community since 2003 and an active student of the Theory-of-Constraints community since 2005. He presented his model of fractal “simplexity”, named “CORFU”, at the 2006 SOLworld conference in Vienna, taught his own module on “complex adaptive systems” at a German university in 2009, summarised some aspects of Systems Thinking, including hints to the Cynefin framework, in a book chapter in 2020 (you can download ”CORFU” and “Systems Thinking” here:, and published a book on conflict resolution (in the German language) in 2021 (

He resonates a lot with the following quote from Nancy Kline: I want to create commentaries on life in relationship to itself. “Short pieces, gorgeous photos. Life in relationship. Things that would make people think about juxtapositions they never knew existed.” She was quiet for a few seconds. “And, we could help them see that relationship defines our existence.” (from Nancy Kline: “More Time to Think”, Octopus, London 2009; p.116)