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Katja Kiiski

Katja Kiiski

SFiO Reviewed Practitionerr
SFiO Contributor

Katja Kiiski

Katja Kiiski is a self-employed coach, supervisor and consultant. She is a Master of Social Sciences and he has studied and completed a degree in coaching and supervision at Helsinki University Centre for Continuing Education. Katja has used solution focused approach almost ten years first in many developmental projects and recently in coaching for workplaces, groups and individuals.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

SF Group Supervision

(January 2015 – May 2016)

The group consisted of four participants working in a three-year project dealing with Social and Health Care. Solution Focused supervision was especially ordered for the last year of the project to support project implementation and assessment, goal achievement as well as strengthening the team before the end of the project. On one hand the process proceeded as usual, on the other hand as the project lasted eight months longer than planned, many unexpected matters occurred, especially in the thoughts and feelings of the participants and the supervisor.

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