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Marika Tammeaid

Marika Tammeaid

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Marika is a Solution-Focused Coach, developer and leadership trainer, currently working as the Director of Development at the Finnish, Itla Children’s Foundation. Previously she was responsible for designing and leading the “Route for renewal” public sector leadership training courses at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Marika worked for a long time as Development Manager and Special Advisor in the Ministry of Finance and State Treasury as well as the Director of Nordic Council of Ministers Representation in Estonia. She has contributed to several international development and assessment projects.

Continually, Marika teaches solution-focused thinking and practice in the centres of continuing education at several universities. Together with her colleague Petri Virtanen, she recently published the book Developing Public Sector Leadership- New Rationale, Best Practices and Tools. Springer, Switzerland (2020).

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Workshop event focusing on role changes in organizations. (2009)

The group comprised of 20 participants from 15 organizations facing a wave of role transfers due to restructuring.

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