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Riitta Salminen

Riitta Salminen

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

CEO, Salminen Interactions Oy Ltd

Riitta Salminen is a Solution Focused Coach and Work Counsellor. She works as a Leadership Coach and Career Coach at HRM Partners Ltd. She has studied and completed the degree in coaching at Helsinki University, Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education.

“I believe you are the best expert on your own life and desires. That is why you know the best solutions and answers for your own questions. As a Coach I would like to help you discover your hidden potential and resources, find new points of view as well as fresh ways of thinking and acting. My sales, marketing and leadership experience enables me to understand the needs of business operations.”

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Individual career coaching process of a CEO (2010-2011)

The goal of the process was to help a CEO leaving an organization to find a new position within a reasonable time. The process lasted for six months and included 8 sessions. The career coaching included three steps: self-analysis, getting to know various job search methods and active self-marketing. Client’s expertise, persona and way to work were scrutinized as well as motivation, future expectations and life as a whole.

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