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Become (even) better at making choices

Be inspired by horses with Wendy Van den Bulck

Feb 26, 2023

Wendy Van den Bulck

Introduced by Owen Charnley

“There is no doubt that great conversations play an important role in helping people change.” Wendy Van Den Bulck From: “Connective Clarity (When Horses Invite You to Take Up Authentic Solution Focused Leadership”)

In this edited recording of an SF24 workshop, Wendy summarises core elements from her book Connective Clarity. She provides many valuable tips on using SF to coach people in the art of Solution Focus, particularly on making choices.

Throughout the video, Wendy uses well-presented slides and short video clips of her working with horses to demonstrate her points. She uses their behaviour to highlight the invitation to change.

The video captures some of the core elements she uses when dealing with her clients to help them through the change they want. These core elements include:

  • See options using your innate 360° ‘radar’ to pay attention
  • Make choices by defining a clear direction

I like most the content of “Make choices”, as I find that change is the outcome that clients want.

I agree with Wendy that choices are an integral part of the Solution Focused approach and that the client must decide on their choice before they make the change.

I bought and was inspired by Wendy’s book soon after she published it and have spent time with her on virtual interactions. It gives me great pleasure to say that this video, too, has inspired me.

Wendy Van den Bulck
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Wendy is a Belgian based Solution Focus horse assisted coach and trainer (www.equoia.org). She specialises in developing authentic leaders and dynamically balanced teams in the workplace. She is the author of ‘Connective Clarity. When Horses Invite You to Take up Authentic, Solution Focused Leadership’ (2019) available on Amazon.

Owen Charnley
Owen Charnley
InterAction Contributor

Owen Charnley has over 35 years in the military, financial and training environments. All of these roles had responsibilities for training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation. After spending 22 years in the Royal Air Force and reaching a Non-Commissioned Officer rank, he then went into the financial services industry as an Independent Financial Adviser. In his last role Owen gave careers advice. In this role he was also responsible for the training of other careers advisers. He has been working in the Change Management field since 2012, using his expertise in Solutions Focus and other disciplines to help organisations, businesses and individuals to navigate their way through change in their respective environments. Owen helps Armed Services professionals to transition into civilian life and deliver the differences that they want to make.