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Facilitating change

Wim Sucaet & Joe Chan Review by Joe Chan As a manager in the senior management of a non – profit organisation I work with people and the community, handling and tackling pressures and expectations from internal and external stakeholders. So, I can relate well to Wim’s position and challenge in this article. As a Solution Focus (SF) practitioner, Wim has really demonstrated some key essence of the SF approach which shone through his works and project:

Solution Focus Provides Outstanding Gardening Skills

Tara Gretton Introduced by Tara Gretton This interview is such an open, honest, and inspiring account of using Solution Focus (SF) across a large vocational college of 1200 students, aged 15-60. In this interview with Orsi Szabo, Judith Mahlmann, the school Principal, shares the story of how they attended Katalin Hankovsky’s seven-day workshop ‘Learn Coaching for Vocation Colleges’, in the first year as Principal at Inge Katz school in Bremen, Germany.

Solution Focus Colours Everything We Do

Tara Gretton Katalin Hankovszky Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash Introduced by Tara Gretton Whether you work in schools or not, reading this interview will fill your heart and mind with joy, hope and possibilities! Also, I presuppose you will deeply respect Karstorpskolan Norra’s State School Principal, Cornelia Malm! How wonderful for a leader to tell her colleagues when she first joins the school, “I don’t want to change things here.

Parent-Teacher Bonding in a Singapore School

In Singapore, some parents have such high expectations of their children's education that they often unfairly place the responsibility on teachers for their children's well-being at school. In this parent-teacher bonding workshop, the goal is to help facilitate a bond between parents and teachers so that they work together collaboratively to foster a nurturing environment for their children at home and school.

Solution-Focus in Schools

Please join us for our next Solution Focused in Schools Gathering on February 3rd 2023 for an exciting shared learning opportunity; Maintaining Relational Harmony in Schools - Tara Gretton and Vicky Essebag