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Elfie Czerny

Elfie Czerny

InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

SF on Tour

Elfie Czerny is co-director of the Centre for Solution Focused Conversation and Leadership - an internationally active centre for the dissemination and further development of solution-focused practice.

Together with her partner and their daughter, they spent 2 1/2 years on the road in their solution-focused motorhome in Europe and North America with “SF on Tour”.

In the SIMPLY FOCUS Podcast, she shares her enthusiasm for the diversity of solution-focused practice with Dominik Godat. Elfie Czerny is the author of various professional articles, publisher of the card set “Solutions on the Track - 50 Inspiring Ideas for Leaders” and the book “The Fascination of Solution Focus - How to Create the Future You Want with a Focused Eye” as well as a board member of the Austrian Solution Circle (ASC).

For years, she has dedicated herself to the combination of microanalysis and solution focus and contributes significantly to the dissemination of this perspective in the solution-focused community with her on- and offline courses as well as her related research projects.

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