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Brian Jennings

Brian Jennings

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

Brian has long experience as an educator in higher education. He holds degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Education. He recently completed the Certificate in Solution Focus Practice with Changes, Birmingham. For the last 26 years he has served as a Lecturer, specialising in Ethics in Ghana Christian University College (a faith based higher education institution). In 2012 he became the Institutional Quality Coordinator for the College. It is in this later context that he has adopted SF based approaches to quality review and team development and planning.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Design and Facilitation of Solution Focused Quality Review Process

I designed and facilitated an institutional quality review process based upon Solution Focused Principles within my institution, Ghana Christian University College (GhanaCU). This process was mandated by the GhanaCU Institutional Quality Policy. Both the Policy and the review process were designed to enable teams to frame and take responsibility for their own quality improvement – in contrast to the past in which our quality standards were dictated to us by external parties. At the core of the process was the Solution-Focused Quality Review Instrument that all unit teams in the institution were required to complete under GhanaCU’s current Institutional Quality Policy. 

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