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Mari Juote

Mari Juote

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

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Mari Juote-Pesonen works as a trainer, coach and educational specialist at University of Helsinki Palmenia Centre for continuing Education. She designs and delivers training and development programs and applies solution focused ideas widely in her work. She is also a mindfulness teacher.

Reviewed Piece of Work:

HRD-Team development process (2012)

The piece of work was carried out with a small HRD-team in a public organization. The aim of the process was to support change process of the team. The process lasted for six months including five half of a day workshops. The goal was to provide a co-creation process in which the HRD-team could co-construct its own desired future and appropriate work procedures. In addition, the team members wanted to learn and develop their individual facilitation skills and create new HRD-products. I was privileged to work during the process with my solution focused colleague and coach Kerttu Autio from Turku University.

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