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Cristian Boldișteanu

Cristian Boldișteanu

Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor


Cristian is a solution-focused coach, trainer, and business consultant. His mission is to make change easier and more efficient, in a personal, team, project, and organisational development context.

Cristian frequently initiates and contributes to community development projects. As a chapter head and coordinator of two pro bono projects in Romania, he works to promote the Solution Focus approach in organisations and to engage the growing community of Solutin Focus practitioners in Romania.

Cristian is currently attending a Systemic Couples and Family Psychotherapy training programme and an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) training programme.

In his training and consulting work he has a structured and multidisciplinary approach, he uses his extensive entrepreneurial experience, the agile approach, and his knowledge or product development together with the interpersonal communication and team dynamics lenses.