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Signs of Progress

Katalin Hankovszky “People need to be able to hope, to engage in the process of change.” Evan George, BRIEF (UK) There is anecdotal evidence, about Steve de Shazer saying that ‘progress’ was the most important word in the Solution-Focused approach. To identify progress means to notice signs which show that (some of) what is happening fits with clients’ desired outcome. This reinforces the invested effort. It’s worth asking about the exact ways people contributed to the observed progress; in response, we receive descriptions of resources and specific ways of doing things, which we recognise and reinforce, too.

Visible signs of progress

Fabienne Stalder and Fabienne Stalder A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SESSION We love to enrich our work with tiny little things, with the purpose to add value to the spoken word. In our best hopes, by using such little tools we increase the impact of our interventions and help our clients to move on with more ease and joy. We would like to share with you our ideas, tools, gadgets…in our workshop we invite you to experience with some of them.