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"Being captain of their boats"

liselotte-baeijaert Celebration Introduced by Julia Kalenberg This story is of SF practitioner liselotte-baeijaert bringing SF to students of a school for hotel workers on the beautiful island of Sumba/Indonesia. A tale of how SF can work even when language first seems to be a barrier. It is a story of mutual learning, of working with what is there and of combining SF practice creatively with bodywork.

"There is no roof on top of it"

Tara Gretton and Katrin Berger Introduced by Katalin Hankovszky On the SF World Day 2020, Tara Gretton (UK) and Katrin Berger (D) started a network, Solution Focus in Schools (Click link for Facebook page). The invitation goes to all interested Solution Focus practitioners linked to schools: Teachers Counsellors Headmasters Parents and pupils too! Online gatherings (every month on the 3rd of the month) keep to a pre-set focus (such as ‘WOWW' or ‘student-driven').

Book Review - Resilience Pocketbook

John Brooker, Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson Resilience Pocketbook by Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson Management Pocketbooks.ISBN: 978-1 906610920 – 112 Pages Formerly an associate lecturer for the Open University in the UK, I received a late assignment from a student with a letter of apology for the delay. She explained that she had returned home to Spain for a course of chemotherapy treatment, was very sorry that she had missed the deadline and could I still mark it?

Developing Industrial Resilience

Christophe Bourgon, Jenny Clarke Introduced by John Brooker Christophe is Head of Business Management Operations in Skyguide, an organisation that provides air navigation services (air traffic control) for Switzerland and adjacent parts of neighbouring countries. It has 1500 employees at 14 locations in Switzerland and guides some 1.2 million civil and military flights a year. It is part of a complex system of independent air traffic control organisations across Europe.