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Can Questions Lead To Change - An Analogue Experiment

Sara Healing, Annie Bordeleau & Janet Bavelas Review by Annie Bordeleau Questions are so deeply engrained in our daily communication that it’s easy to underestimate the impact they have. How can we lead better by asking better questions? This article raises our awareness of the effect questions can have and sheds light on how we can sharpen this powerful tool we use every day. A fundamental assumption of the Solution Focused approach is that change can be influenced and co-created as an interaction unfolds.

SFiO Unconference feedback

Annie Bordeleau, John Brooker & Marika Tammeaid SF in Large Scale Contexts Inspired by two articles, from Sofie Geisler[i] and Marika Tammeaid[ii], SFiO held its the first Unconference on the theme, “SF in Large Scale Contexts” on 6 & 7 December 2019 at the atmospheric Irish College in Leuven, Belgium, with much success on different levels. 30 people attended, some new to SFiO, holding 29 separate sessions on a diverse range of topics related to the theme.

"Make Life Simple"

Andrew Gibson Reviewed by Wendy Van den Bulck Just as the whole world is overwhelmed by complexity, here’s Andrew’s latest book, ‘Make Life Simple’. I’d say, brilliant timing… I met Andrew on two occasions; the SOL World Conference in Frankfurt in 2017 and the SFiO Unconference ‘SF use in Large Scale Contexts’ in 2019, long before he wrote this book. Having read his book, I realise now that in our conversations at these events, Andrew did a lot of what he describes.

Positive Approaches To Change

Applications of Solutions Focus and Appreciative Inquiry at Work