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Empowering People for Successful Change - with Susanne Burgstaller

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About this Event

My best hopes from this workshop are to inspire you to make organizational change more people-centric.

WHY? Because it is of the utmost urgency that we find better, faster, more effective ways of organizational change. Without the wastage of conflict, resistance and politics. We urgently need to CHANGE THE CHANGE and make it much more people-centric. Economically and from a human perspective this is the right thing to do.

I am happy to share with you some of my 30 years of change-consulting experience in many large organisations. In fact the last 20 years were the most productive ones, because in those years I used the Solution-Focused approach.

The solution-focused approach to organizational change helps executives, change agents and coaches who want to make organisations more agile and foster new ways of working. Unlike „waterfall“ change-management approaches it reduces stuckness, resistance and risk and increases momentum, collaboration and engagement.

In this workshop I want to focus on THE most important element of SF change-designs: Empowering People. I want each of you to pick up at least 10 ways that will make your change journey more people-centric, and thus more empowering, engaging and fun – for you and your colleagues!

Our programme:

Short introduction:

  • What is different in Solution-Focused change - A dialogic model
  • SF meta-design for an organizational change process
  • What context are we in? – Learn to change the context, not the people.

„How to“-session with case stories:

  • Get everyone on board: build trust, purpose and dialogue
  • Work with humans, not econs: nudge instead of manage
  • Give people a voice: create participatory designs
  • Change the change: establish learning cycles

Learn how to:

  • Fire-up: Ignite passion and enthusiasm
  • Team-up: build teams and communities
  • Skill-up: lead and facilitate learning journeys
  • Speak-up: shape change dialogues that resonate with people


  • Self-assessment for solution-focused change agents - Discover your SF change skills and cherish them.


Why organisations are perfect places for social innovation Three ways we can all be more Solution-Focused now Susanne Burgstaller - in Numbers

  • 31 years experience in entrepreneurship, coaching, teambuilding, consulting and training
  • 20 years experience with solution-focus in organisations
  • 10 years experience as a manager
  • Work done in 22 countries and 12 sectors
  • Consulting experience on 3 flight levels
  • 2 books published
  • 2 children, 2 cats, 1 husband, 80+ houseplants ;-)

This is a Solution Focus in Organisations Global Chapter hosted by John Brooker. Register here

Susanne Burgstaller
Susanne Burgstaller
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

I have been leading and coaching organisations for more than 30 years. Adopting the Solution Focused approach to my work has been transformative, amplifying my impact and work satisfaction way beyond what I thought was possible.

John Brooker
John Brooker
SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
Editor of Interaction
Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

John has over thirty years experience of leading people to collaborate effectively. He gained his leadership experience as a Senior Vice President in Visa International, working on international projects. Since 2004 he has used his leadership and Solution Focus expertise to enable people in multinational and national organisations to collaborate effectively. He is Co-President of Solution Focus in Organisations, an SFiO Reviewed Practitioner and has an MBA from The Open University in the UK.