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Fiona Turner

Fiona Turner

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

Fiona Turner is working in education at Catholic Education Melbourne on a large-scale project.

As Product Owner, eLearn, Fiona works with teams delivering enterprise technologies to schools in Victoria. Her role involves liaising with school personnel and project teams to provide contemporary learning technologies for teachers to improve student learning.

Previously, Fiona had worked as a curriculum coordinator and teacher in primary schools in Melbourne. Fiona is an accredited coach with Growth Coaching International and has a certificate in Solution Focus Coaching.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Solution Focused Workshops for Small Teams

Our Team Workshops to date have had an immediate impact. A sense of hope and positivity can be felt amongst the team (Client), that wasn’t there before the workshops. The team have focused on moving forward with their sights set on solutions not problems. Almost as soon as we began the Team Workshops things began to noticeably change. Through individuals implementing small actions the little changes impacted on others causing more interactions in between team members resulting in greater changes and a greater feeling of positivity as a result. We have gone from two separate small teams working silently at our own work stations, to a group of connected colleagues who discuss, engage and meet regularly most mornings to discuss work priorities. Most pleasing is that all the suggestions for changing supporting structures for working more effectively, have come from the team themselves (The Client).

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