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Evan George

Evan George

InterAction Contributor

Evan George is a co-owner of BRIEF. He set up BRIEF in 1989 with Chris Iveson and Harvey Ratner and they have worked together ever since.

Their core interest has been not just the solution focused approach itself but also the remarkable differences that the application of the approach can make to people’s lives, to organisations, to performance, to well-being, to energy and to creativity in teams. And all of this achieved within strikingly short time-spans.

BRIEF is currently involved in both training and consulting throughout the UK, Europe and further afield, from its base in the City of London. BRIEF’s work has been experienced as of equal relevance by care services in Abu Dhabi, mining services in Western Australia, the Japanese automotive industry in the UK and by health, welfare and education services worldwide.

BRIEF is widely regarded as a world leader in this field and is acknowledged to have been influential in shaping the most current solution focused thinking. Alongside this activity BRIEF is acknowledged as having maintained throughout its development a substantial Corporate Social Responsibility aspect to its work through its ‘pro-bono’ London clinic where people in substantial need and without resources have received first-class service completely free of charge.