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Cristina Mühl

Cristina Mühl

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Cristina Mühl Coaching & Consulting

My background in compliance, audit, consulting and international business arena made me realize how important coaching was in the current corporate world.

I was introduced to the Solution Focus approach during coaching training with Kirsten Dierolf and after that by interacting with members of the SF community and adapting business models to incorporate SF values. In 2020, I have been heavily involved in organizing the first 24 hours SF Conference and a pro-bono coaching project with SFiO Romania.

I strongly believe in being connected and involved in the communities that I’m part of. From my perspective, it is the way to grow and ensure knowledge transfer. My best hopes for my involvement include being a liaison to SF24 2021 along with Paul and involvement in one of the SFIO’s direction - develop and encourage professional standards for SF in organizations.

My involvement will be noticeable if people offer several Solution Focus in organisation topics at the SF24 conference and that the SFiO community feels informed about SF24. In standards, I would notice the difference once we can articulate a strategy how we can develop and promote standards and consider different options to motivate organizations to show the impact SF had in their case