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Watch party - JUSTICE With a Solution-Focused Approach

We’d like to keep connections going in the worldwide SF community, and using the amazing archive of sessions from SF24 20 could be a great way of doing it.

We’re launching a series of Watch Parties, on the first Thursday of each month, at 4 pm UK-time!

Facilitated by Owen Chanley, we’ll spend an hour together on Zoom, watching a selected extract from one of the recorded sessions - “(Restorative) JUSTICE With a Solution-Focused Approach”, for 10 minutes or so, then enjoy a hosted discussion about the topic presented.

Sofie Geisler will join the call, answer questions, and develop their line of thinking.

And of course, you can watch the whole of any featured presentation in advance on our Youtube channel:


See you there!

and Register to join us on Eventbrite.

Cristina Mühl
Cristina Mühl
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I strongly believe in being connected and involved in the communities that I’m part of. From my perspective, it is the way to grow and ensure knowledge transfer.