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Sustainable Leadership Programmes

Synopsis The open space session facilitated by Ania Smolka on designing ‘sustainable leadership’ programmes was an intensive exploration of ideas on integrating sustainability into leadership practices across various organisational layers. Ania asked three teams to consider the challenge and we show their outputs below. As well, one of the teams highlighted the concept of Regenerative Leadership (subtly different from Sustainable Leadership). Below, you can download a PDF article on the relationship between this concept and Solution Focus.

First Peoples Principles of Learning

Annie Bordeleau Synopsis In this Open Space session, the group explored the British Columbia First Nations Principles of Learning to discover just how deeply intertwined they are with the Solution Focus (SF) approach and our efforts to create a more sustainable world. These Principles are shown below: Exploring the Principles Here we explore the Principles in more depth from two perspectives - sustainability and Solution Focus. We also suggest example questions the SF practitioner might ask.

The Loving Organisation

Haesun Moon Synopsis Haesun Moon’s “The Loving Organisation” session explored the profound impact of integrating love, expressed as empathy, compassion, and care, into the workplace. This session, inspired by the work of Apruv Gupta, MD, and Kristin Bodiford, and grounded in Khalil Gibran’s quote, “Work is love made visible,” aimed to elucidate how such emotions can be a driving force in organisational settings, particularly in healthcare but applicable to other sectors as well.

Sustainable SF Organisations to Change the World

Paul Z Jackson Synopsis At the SOLWorld Unconference, ‘Exploring How Solution Focus creates sustainable organisations’, Paul Z Jackson led a session to explore what SF distinctively offers for treating organisations as sustainable entities that aim to persist and evolve. The outcomes of this exploration add to the more familiar idea of SF Projects, which merely conclude. The group discussed organisations as living systems that adapt continuously to survive, challenging business paradigms that often prioritise quick profits and short-term political gains.

SOL Unconference 2024

John Brooker & Annie Bordeleau & Bodil Mickels Introduced by Bodil Mickels Reflections on the Sustainability Unconference How can a solution-focused approach help create sustainable organisations? This was the theme at the SOLWorld “Unconference” sponsored by SFiO, in Land aan Zee, Netherlands, in mid-April 2024. 34 solution-focused coaches, organisational consultants, trainers and sustainability researchers, were present, representatives of public and local administrations, academia, private companies, and the third sector, making it a truly diverse and enriching experience.

How Solution Focus underpins Village in the City

Mark McKergow & John Brooker Introduced by John Brooker Do you, like me, long for more of a community feel in your local area? Like Mark McKergow, I spent much time travelling before COVID came along and, when home, created connections locally as best I could, e.g. as a dad meeting parents at the school gates, as Chair of my local scouts. Sadly that connection ended when no longer involved in school or Scouts.