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Using the Solution Focus Strategy Canvas

Rod Sherwin Introduced by John Brooker Adie Shariff and Alison Abington published a case study about the Solution Focused Strategy Canvassing in 2010 in InterAction. You can find the original article here: https://sfwork.com/resources/interaction/s6-Vol2-1-6.pdf The paper describes the use of SF strategy canvassing as “a way to support managers to develop and implement a strategy in practical and pragmatic ways, so to align people at all levels in the organisation in a collective effort…”.

Using the SF Strategy Canvas to Align Collaborators

On 18 October 2021, Rod Sherwin will host a conversation about how practitioners have used the SF Strategy Canvas in different contexts and what useful ideas people have gained from its application. Even if you're new to the SF Strategy Canvas, you can learn from those who put it to practical use.