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Change Your Conversation, Change Your Organisation

denise-wright & Susanne Burgstaller Article Review by Susanne Burgstaller - Austria I believe that any SF consultant working on organisational change could take Denise´s SF process design as a role model. Its outcome brilliantly demonstrates how building a collaborative culture is central to organisational excellence and how well the marriage of SF and collaborative large group methods can work, if done well. What are some of the things that make it a “model SF process design”, in my opinion?

Book Review - Solution Focused Practice in Asia

Lilian Ing, Debbie Hogan, Dave Hogan, alankl-yeo and jane-tuomola Solution Focused Practice in Asia Edited by Debbie Hogan, Dave Hogan, Jane Tuomola and Alan K L Yeo Routledge. ISBN:978-1-138-18811-2 (hard book)-283 pages; 978-1-138-18812-9 (paperback); 978-1-315-64269-7 (ebook) For as long as I can remember, all storytelling by anyone interested in Solution Focused Practice, has been meet by Debbie Hogan’s encouragement to, “Tell it, y’all, write it. It is going to be in our book.