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Solution Focus Support Group

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About this event

Are you looking for a buddy who will fuel your energy to finish a project while keeping you motivated and inspired?

You will love the idea of the SOLUTION FOCUSED SUPPORT GROUP.

Sandra Rosa Collin (NL), Julia Kalenberg (CH), Jan Marklund (SE) and Wendy van den Bulck (BE), a group of four SF practitioners, are going to share their online ritual, which they have been practising for over five years.

Their regular and structured online meetings, «SF support group«, have been very enriching (personally and for their businesses); their RITUAL has become RICHUAL.

During the SFIO/nla session, they will share what has worked for them and introduce you to their valued structure and the topics they tackled.

You will take away inspiration and hopefully feel encouraged to set up such an experiment. You might find even buddies to set up a support group during the meeting.

The event will be held in ENGLISH. It is a joint venture of Solution Focus in Organisations (SFiO) and the Swiss, Netzwerk lösungsorientiertes Arbeiten (nla Schweiz).

Julia Kalenberg
Julia Kalenberg
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Julia Kalenberg founded her own consultancy in 1997 and since then I have been accompanying teams and individuals on their way to success. The solution-focused approach of Steve de Shazer is a central theme in her work and she tries to always lead herself in this way, with constant strive and many small steps.