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Building Bridges for Change 2023

Solution Focus Cooperation for Young Professionals

SFiO in partnership with Land aan Zee is working hard to create an unforgettable week on Solution Focus and other change practices for young professionals. Explore this webpage for all information about our second Building Bridges for Change (BB4C) programme and how you can apply.


This year’s BB4C programme will take place from the afternoon of Tuesday 12 September to the morning of Sunday 17 September 2023 in the beautiful centre Land aan Zee in the Netherlands. We have designed this holistic leadership development experience for young professionals who wish to gain effective skills in Solution Focus and other change practices to enable you to make a positive impact on society.

Through interactive workshops led by experienced coaches and with joyful activities, this event will bring you a powerful approach to change, creative collaboration skills, broader connections and new hope. After five days in the brand new Land aan Zee retreat centre surrounded by nature and nourished with plant-based food, you will return home feeling refreshed,revitalised and equipped with new ideas to start making a difference.

Solution Focus

Solution Focus (SF) is a concise way to build positive change in challenging and often complex situations. It is a way of looking at those situations with an open mind, emphasising helpful next steps. It is the decision to think and act constructively, which means focusing on the favourable aspects while dealing positively with less favourable aspects. You can keep coming back to the negative, or you can move on to the positive. You can highlight what’s not working or focus on what works despite the problem. You can confront others about what they are not doing or appreciate what they do already.

Solution-focused practitioners focus on what works (instead of the problem), and the resources to bring about change (instead of barriers that hinder change).

Some advantages that SF will bring you in your career as well as in your private life :

Not sure this is for you?

Then this retreat is for you!

Though your application does not guarantee a place, we urge you apply now, or by 30 June 2023 to join our group of 25 young professionals like yourself at the BB4C 2023 development week at the heart of Europe! As of early June we have six places left. We accept only one person per organisation and your motivation to make a difference in society and what you offer to the programme will be key factors in your acceptance.

Who are we?

We are a group of four Solution Focused coaches and trainers with many years of experience in a wide variety of organisations. Additionally, five young changemakers are working with us to organise the event, ensuring we meet your needs. BB4C is our pro-bono initiative for 2023, which means we are all donating our time, skills and enthusiasm to help you discover that collaboration is not rocket science and that you can indeed make change easier. This retreat is a pure passion project and our coaches and organisers are all passionate about passing on the tools and knowledge they have learned and perfected over time through their work with companies, NGOs and individuals.

The Investment

We want BB4C to be available for people from various financial backgrounds. To ensure that, we are including a maximum of six participants (one per organisation) from for-profit companies and government departments. They will benefit from this retreat at a very attractive price while enabling us to offer a lower price for non-profit or NGO organisations and individuals:

  1. For-profit companies and governmental organisations invest €1800 inc VAT. This price enables us to increase the diversity of participants while still offering great value. This includes accommodation for five nights and three vegetarian meals daily, all workshops, and creative activities such as yoga, walking, meditation and more.
  2. NGOs and young entrepreneurs invest €600, including VAT. Again, this includes everything shown at “1” above and the price is only possible if we have six participants from profit companies or government agencies.

If you are an employee, we encourage you to speak to your employer about financing your attendance, as it will benefit both you and them. If you would like to participate but cannot afford our standard tariff, please apply as above. If you are accepted, we will help you find a way to make it possible.

Stay up to date on the project

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If you have any questions, please write via email to buildingbridges4change@gmail.com .