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Talking Drum

Aakusti Oksanen (MA) is a self-employed entrepreneur and artist dedicated to bringing forward the ingenuity of West African rhythm. He co-created a method combining solution focus approach, experiential learning, art and drumming in 2015. Talking Drum method for leaders and teams has been widely used in Finnish public sector development programmes with over 400 top executives. Aakusti has also successfully delivered for Accenture, ECHA, European Commission, European Parliament, City of Helsinki, Microsoft, Roche and others.

He has won several awards, including work as a cultural researcher and percussion artist. His extended apprenticeship, fieldwork and collaboration with a griot master drummer has brought him to an exceptional understanding of West African rhythm.

As a fan of combining different approaches, Aakusti is on the verge of founding yet another innovative company, Drum Vision. This certification process is part of that story.