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Becoming an SFiO Reviewed Practitioner

By becoming a reviewed practitioner, you can demonstrate and certify that your work is truly respective of the Solution Focused Approach (see SF Clues). To achieve this, two experienced reviewed SFIO practioners review a piece of SF work (Piece of Work) you carry out.

The field of SF use in organisations is growing globally, as is the SF network supporting the exchange of knowledge and good practice in organisations. One of the reasons why the Association for Solution Focus in Organisations was created is to be able to say something about standards of SF practice.

How do we understand the ‘quality’ of SF use in organisational work? There is no guarantee of quality if we only know a professional’s formal background, educational level or personal reputation. Being simple and solution focused, we prefer to ask people to demonstrate with detailed evidence what they do. Hence, the SFiO review process looks at what you do and how you do it rather than your status and background.

SFiO reviews ‘pieces of work’ rather than individuals. This respects the idea that every case is different and avoids specifying a syllabus or methodology, etc. We thank the Association for Solution Focus in Consulting and Training (ASFCT) for their agreement for SFiO to use their review process.

As a rich learning experience for both candidates and reviewers, the review is a terrific way of sharing valuable resources amongst SF practitioners.

This is not an “examination.” It is a learning experience for you and for your reviewers. As one person said, “It was a privilege to have the dedicated time of my reviewers to review the piece and discuss it with me in an SF way. I was nervous about the review process but it became clear very quickly that this was a learning event, not an examination. I gained a lot of insights in to my work and the reviewers found it helpful too.”

Click here to see three videos by people who have been reviewed using the original ASFCT process:

SFCT videos – on their Youtube channel

Below you will find links to:

What is my investment?

You must be or become a contributor of the SFIO Network, before you can apply for a review. We do not charge for a review, your reviewers do this as as a benefit to others; in return we ask for your commitment to carry out the review process for other applicants as a 2nd reviewer and lead reviewer. Your first review is as a 2nd Reviewer, working with an experienced Lead Reviewer. You then become a Lead Reviewer for another person. The process of reviewing your peers is a great learning opportunity and highly rewarding.

What is the benefit?

Register for a review of a piece of your work

Please do take advantage of this excellent opportunity and read the Review Process Description SFiO 1.4 document. To register for a review, download the Review Application Form SFiO 1.3 and send it to Anton Stellamans at: anton.stellamans@ilfaro.be and include “Register for a review of a piece of work” in the subject line. Please state your country of residence and the language you prefer to be reviewed in. Please note that we may not have a reviewer in your local language.

Review Languages

We can review in the following languages although we have far more people who can review in English:

Download Review Documents

The following forms are provided for your information and to apply for the Review of a Piece of Work: Review Process Description SFiO 1.4: Explains what will happen during the review. Review Application Form SFiO 1.3: Use this form to apply for a review Review Documentation Template SFiO 1.2: Provides tips for laying out your review document. Candidate reflections template SFiO 1.2: Provides guidelines for reflecting on your Piece of Work prior to your review discussion.

About the Piece of Work

SFiO reviews ‘pieces of work’ rather than individuals. This respects the idea that every case is different and avoids specifying a syllabus or methodology, etc. What can I submit as a piece of work? Criteria for a piece of work are: It is predominantly solution focused (i.e., other models may have been used, but only as a sub-component). It is in the context of organisations, or the work of individuals in organisations It is no less than 9 hours of face to face time with the client(s) Examples of suitable pieces representing SF organisational work are: