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About our Finances

SFiO raises revenue through contributions made by our Contributors. To provide transparency to our Contributors, we upload Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss reports for all years since formation.

Our Financial Year runs from 1 February to 31 January. These reports are prepared by an independent bookkeeper and submitted every year to Companies House in the UK by 31 October.

Please note that QuickBooks by default provides P & L Reports for Limited Companies. Despite this terminology, SFiO is a Limited company registered in the UK, we are a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee.

2018 / 2019

Balance_Sheet_Report 31 Jan 2019

Profit_and_Loss_Report 18:19

2017 / 2018

Balance_Sheet_Report 31 Jan 2018

Profit_and_Loss_Report 17:18

2016 / 2017

Balance_Sheet_Report 31 Jan 17

Profit_and_Loss_Report 2016:7