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Tuija Laine-Itävuo

Solution Focused Group Coaching

This piece of work describes a solution-focused group coaching process while working together towards a customer-centric organization.


The client organisation had recognised a need to create a common understanding of what defines a truly customer-centric organization; which attributes and behaviour demonstrate that the customer is at the core of the company’s business. The client specifically wanted concrete actions not statements or mantra about how things should be done. The main objective was to ensure that everyone in the organisation is committed to deliver excellent customer experience and thus, help customers achieve their goals.

A project group was authorised to brainstorm and initiate customer-centric behaviour and actions in the client organisation. The project group met regularly over several months. This piece of work consists of seven three-hour group coaching sessions.

Candidate’s Summary:

The review process was an excellent opportunity to reflect my coaching ability in relation to SF clues and to observe how I can make use of solution-focused coaching in project work. I discovered the importance of promoting good positive dialogue in every encounter and how much more you can achieve when working in a good atmosphere. It is essential that the coach truly respects and believes in clients’ abilities to find the best solutions for themselves. The review process helped me to understand how important it is to define the individual goals of each participant in the group coaching process. This is necessary especially when evaluating the progress along the way. Moreover, it is essential to seek and promote small positive change in all phases of the process and not to forget all the things that are already working well. This promotes the positive dialogue in the organisation and helps to construct the preferred future.

Client’s Summary:

“I think we have had a really good drive. It’s clear that the subject has become close to everyone’s heart. For me this has become a kind of passion. I feel like I can really make a difference. And it doesn’t need more than small steps. I’m really excited about this.”

“The best thing in this process has probably been that the positive environment nurtures positive actions. Positivity will take things forward.“

Reviewers Summary:

Lead Reviewer: Larri Karreinen

We were impressed by the way Tuija Laine-Itavuo made a general wish from the board to improve the company’s service into practical goals and steps. The tools she used, like pictures and a doll symbolizing the company’s clients, clearly made the project group’s work fun and enthusiastic. Both crucial in getting experts to fully engage in mutual projects. Tuija coached the group to make the values of the firm concrete in small actions. The concrete small steps after every coaching session were good at giving the group feeling of progress.

The originality of this case stems from the question what makes facilitation solution focused? In this process Tuija answers this question by creating the platform (cf McKergow and Jackson Solutions Focus 2002) from the strengths of the group, using desired future and small steps. This is an interesting question that needs further discussion among the solution focused practitioners.

One thing we appreciated about Tuija’s work was her self-reflecting tool after every meeting; A text box with two parts. One for things she did well and another for improvements.

Second Reviewer:

Second Reviewer: TBA


See Lead Reviewers summary – it was a joint summary.

Lead Reviewer: Larri Karreinen

Second Reviewer: Peter Sundman

About The Candidate:

Tuija Laine-Itävuo enjoys using solution-focused coaching both in her HR-related work, and when coaching athletes. She is especially passionate about helping others define and achieve their dreams. She encourages others to take the first step and make the most of their personal potential. Her aim is to retain a childlike sense of wonder towards new things and just keep on learning.

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